How Do You CONVINCE MORE People to Eat THEIR Vegetables?

A redesign backed by research adds growth and value to this 90 year old brand.

For more than 100 years, Green Giant™ has built a widely-recognizable, world wide brand based on their dedication to growing and providing tasty vegetables of the highest quality to their customers.

In 2009, Delorum was tasked with redesigning a Green Giant Fresh™ Klondike line of mini gourmet potatoes. Our challenge was to maintain the high quality brand while freshening up the packaging with a more appealing and contemporary feel. Packaging re-design was also needed to help the product better differentiate itself from competitors and increase awareness of the unique varieties.

Market research led us to learn that shoppers were looking for fresh, healthy and easy to prepare foods. We keyed in on the type of imagery that was appealing and the value shoppers placed on design. Our re-design incorporated our market research, allowing us to communicate important messaging, simplify the package, and create a Klondike “sub-brand” under the Green Giant Fresh™ brand promise.


Simple way to understand differences in the varieties

New product development adds flavored sauces


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