plug and play tech start-up for the magento ecommerce platform

What can you do with one tiny idea?

Building enterprise-level ecommerce websites on an up-and-coming Magento ecommerce platform required us to simultaneously expand Magento’s custom coded modules to best suit the needs of clients’ ecommerce sites. Our experience led us to launch a new business venture in 2010, a software company called “Tinybrick,” that sold Magento enhancements one module at a time.

Our creative team turned a non-visual object into a highly illustrative brand. Every illustration was created using the same cube as the foundation. The software was packaged into tiny modular units, and sold as downloads to other developers. Each module was launched on our newly designed website with it's own tiny brick illustration, a description, documentation and installation instructions.

Tinybrick was a hit. We saw sales grow to an average of $20,000 per month in the first year with only one part-time employee handling support, until we sold the business in 2011 to fund our next idea.


TIny Concepts

There was no shortage of creative ideas to visually represent Tinybrick. We employed the same methods of research, collaboration and exploration with Tinybrick as we do with other design and branding clients. Here’s a sampling of our exploration.


Thinking inside the box

Sketching ideas helps us make decisions quickly while exploring possible design solutions. It’s clear that some ideas are more effective than others, but getting all our ideas out on  paper is an important part of our creative process.