A Name & brand you can hang your hat, shovel and ladder on

A little monkey business helped elevate a product and brand

Gorgeous Garage needed to differentiate a new patented product line of organizational systems in order to become “the” organizational system in a competitive retail market. With plenty of real world experience in messy, cluttered and unorganized garages to draw from, we rolled up our creative sleeves and got to work.


After covering three 4’x8’ whiteboards with hundreds of possible names, we presented a range of potential names to the client. Collaboration allowed us to discuss the pros and cons of each and led us to the same conclusion – “Monkey Bars.” The name was memorable, due to common childhood playground associations. It communicated the product’s modular hanging system and separated the product from competitors.

Brand Development

Each aspect of the Monkey Bars brand – their logo, business cards, materials for product dealers, trade show materials and environment, targeted consumer communications, art-directed photoshoots and user interface design for their ecommerce site – were created with intention to reinforce the research and vision of the brand.


Monkey Bars has proved to be a standout success with the product quickly rising to the forefront of the Gorgeous Garage company. Dealers across the United States and Canada carry the product, increasing retail opportunities and sales.




Monkey Bars Logo Sketches

Branding Portfolio