New Logo Design

A successful logo can be hard to achieve. Sometimes, logos need to stand front-and-center as the face of your business, yet exist quietly behind-the-scenes as a simple signature. In any circumstance, a well designed logo should visually reflect the promises you're making as a business. 

We've helped some great clients create their first logos. Work with us, and you're in pretty good company.


New Logo Development

Our logo design process varies by client and project requirement, but generally includes the following steps:

1 - Logo Ideas & Concepts

We practice armchair psychology. Logo design starts by exploring who you are, how you want to be positioned in a market, and what motivates your target audience. We try to consider all those factors, then explore a wide range of options to meet business objectives in the most competitive way. 

2 - exploring Logo Design

After exploring various logo concepts, we review internally, and roughly mock up a range of possible design directions. Frequently, this is a two-stage approach where we first narrow to a more tightly defined direction, then provide another series of concepts that explore the same theme. In the end, we review our best logo ideas with the client to determine the final design.


3 - final logo & Business Card Design 

Based on client feedback and/or user testing, we refine the logo for final review, then provide final artwork in a range of digital formats. For some clients, this is the final step. 

For many clients, we also use the established logo to create business cards, stationery, or collateral. We typically oversee design all the way through production, which may include working with printers to provide press ready digital artwork.


4 - using a new Logo

As a final deliverable, we frequently help clients apply their new logo in ways that work for their business. We provide logo formats which import for embroidery or screen printing, making fabrication an easy transition.



Logo Design Services

We’ve developed logos for over 40 companies. Our experience includes: 

  • Naming
  • Brand Identity Design
  • Logo Development
  • Business Card Design
  • Letterhead Design
  • Brand Extension
  • Market Position


Logo Portfolio

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Delorum is based in Rexburg, but we service clients from Idaho Falls to Boise and Seattle to Salt Lake City, so give us a call or drop us a line. We're happy to talk through any project with you. 

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