Tradeshow Booth Design

Original Print Ad

Original Print Ad

Ad turned Tradeshow Booth / Defacto Brand Refresh

Awhile ago, we created a small print ad for a collection software developer (right). Their hope was to add a little more clarity and punch to their paid advertising, and introduce a more human element to their brand which was very software-centric.

Working with their logo and existing brand colors, we created new messaging and introduced an avatar with 'more serious stopping power.' Additionally, we used their key selling points to create a series of visual icons to quickly reach viewers. 

A few months later, we were asked to help extend that advertisement into a full blown tradeshow booth, with a tabletop display and printed literature. Again, our role was centered around design and messaging, which shifted slightly toward larger, more corporate accounts. Messaging directly addresses the biggest opportunity, and additional characters were introduced to represent specific target industries. 

This morning, our client sent a quick photo of the booth as they were setting it up. Notice how clearly the main points stand out relative to the booth next door, and how quickly the icons communicate at a glance.

We're excited to see what kind of response they receive from prospects at the show.